A part of the worship service where children of all ages come to the front of the sanctuary to listen to a message specific to their spiritual growth and development


Teaches it's members how God's work is prospering through prayer and studies


The Board of Deacons is the official board of the church under the leadership of the pastor.  The board consists of men who have been selected from among the membership and appointed by the pastor to serve at his will.  The deacons do not have an office of their own, but work out of the pastor's office.  The board assists the pastor in carrying out the spiritual and temporal needs of the church.


The Deaconess are a support group for the Deacons of the church and also serve as spiritual leaders in the church and community.


The Junior Ushers provide service to the congregation on the second and fourth Sunday of each month.  The Junior Ushers are children ranging from ages nine to eighteen


The ministry of ushering is any act of Christian service which helps direct individuals into fellowship with Jesus Christ.  The ministry is to serve and make the congregation comfortable while in worship.


The Culinary Committee is required to prepare food for most activities of the church.  This is a very busy committee.  The Committee should be available to come to the church and prepare food at an overnight's notice.


The Choir provides music for worship every Sunday.  The Choir's purpose is to minister to souls through songs.


The Matrons Auxiliary is a branch of the Missionary Society of the church.  Matrons are young married women with ages ranging from time of marriage upward.  The main purpose of this auxiliary is to train young women in systematic Bible study, daily prayer, mission study, and personal service.


The Red Circle is a missionary circle for young ladies between the ages of thirteen through eighteen.  The organization encourages Christian fellowship.  It is designed to provide spiritual growth through Bible study. 


Crusaders is a missionary group of young men between the ages of thirteen through eighteen.  The orgination encourages Christian fellowship.  It is designed to provide spiritual growth through Bible study.


The purpose of Sunday School is to change lives for Jesus Christ by evangelizing the lost and discipline those who respond to the Gospel through our classes.  This is the Great Commission.


The Media Ministry is responsible for the audio taping of all worship services, programs, etc., held at the church.  Those who serve on this ministry team make certain that copies of the Sunday Worship Service are recorded and available immediately after service.  The technicians operate the sound system for all church activities.


The Transportation Committe is available to those without other means of transportation to Sunday School, Sunday Worship, and to those who desire travel with the pastor to special services at other churches.